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Foertsch Group was started in the 1950s by Mason Foertsch, who began digging lakes with a used bulldozer. Incorporated in 1967, hard work and an unwavering commitment to quality created a family business spanning over 50 years. Foertsch Group has extensive experience in heavy marine and civil contracting including marine transloading, dredging, topside barge repair, contract marine towing, and marine facility inspection. Foertsch Group specializes in marine construction with notable past experience installing new cells, dolphins, and repair of existing infrastructure. Foertsch Construction, a subsidiary of Foertsch Group, is the stevedore for Tell City River Port and Hoosier Southern Railroad. This mobile stevedoring crew is capable of transloading products anywhere on the inland river system.

Additionally, Foertsch Group has over two decades of shipbuilding expertise via its shipyard subsidiaries, Corn Island Shipyard and Tell City Boat Works. These shipyards excel at building custom marine vessels including towboats, tank barges, dump scows, and dredge hulls. Tell City Boat Works employs marine repair facilities suitable for dry dock repair of barges and towboats.