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About Us

Foertsch Group specializes in marine construction, stevedoring, facility inspection, vessel repairs, dredging and pile driving, both on land and water.  At Foertsch Group the owners play a large role in each project.  They are involved in the day to day operations and often will be on the job sites assisting the crew.

We want to be known for completing jobs safely, on time and to a higher standard of quality than our competitors.  

Our slogan is:  Safety - Integrity - Quality

Our Story

We trace our history to the 1950's, when Mason Foertsch, a mechanic, bought a used bulldozer and started Foertsch Construction Co. (FCC).  Through the years, the company has built lakes, subdivisions, golf courses, road, bridges, pre-engineered steel framed buildings and mined coal.  In 2000, FCC decided to shift all of the construction focus to maritime work.  Starting from one crane barge and one towboat, the company has grown the fleet to numerous crane and stevedoring rigs along with towboats and ancillary equipment.  Foertsch Group was created in 2011 as a holding company for the 3rd generation of ownership.  Today, Foertsch Group is comprised of multiple subsidiaries performing work on both land and water.  

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